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The proliferation of computers and the widespread use of the Internet in the workplace has created a variety of serious and costly new healthcare problems and management issues that corporations do not yet know how to address. With more than one-third of Americans spending the majority of their days sedentary in front of computers, new ergonomic injuries and mental health stresses are resulting in significant increases in healthcare costs and tangible losses in productivity. Likewise, decreased job satisfaction is creating measurable problems in employee retention, absenteeism, morale and company loyalty. Ironically, the very technologies that have made our global economy so much faster and more efficient have begun to take their toll on the people who use them.

The key to solving these problems is the development of health promotion programs and a new form of holistic corporate management with a broader understanding of what is needed for a "healthy" bottom line in business. Rather than waiting to treat illnesses and problems after they've already occurred, companies must promote preventative healthcare and provide employees with the information, resources and tools they need to manage and take care of themselves more effectively in all aspects of their lives. DesktopSpa endeavors to solve these problems by using the Internet to deliver effective, inexpensive and highly personalized complementary healthcare interventions directly to people where and when they need them most.