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Sales licenses DesktopSpa to corporations, insurers, healthcare organizations, web-based health services and other distribution channels on a monthly basis as an application service provider. The licensing fee is based on the number of users a customer desires to access the system. also charges an initial set-up fee. The set-up fee is based on the amount of customization the customer desires: Customers can take DesktopSpa virtually as-is. Or can work with them to produce new Daily Desktop Treatments with new practitioners dealing with a particular customer's most pressing health and productivity issues. Through our relationships to some of the world's most trusted and respected complementary healthcare practitioners, we can customize an online healthcare solutions for many different types of organizations. also offers consulting services to help the customer with technical integration, end-user adherence and internal-marketing of DesktopSpa within the organization.

We are setting up versions of DesktopSpa for:
  • Corporate employers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Spas and health clubs
  • Health plans
  • Healthcare portals and web-based resellers
  • Patient education and advocacy organizations
  • Worksite health promotion vendors
  • Healthcare purchasers
  • Hospitals, IPA's, medical groups and healthcare systems
  • Broadband networks and wireless services
  • Airlines and in-flight media vendors
If you are interested in getting DesktopSpa set up at your company or organization, or would like to discuss partnership opportunities, please contact:

Image Paths, Inc.
891 Moe Drive, Suite C
Akron, OH 44310-2538
vox: 1-800-800-8661