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Introducing DesktopSpa

DesktopSpa is a web-based health and productivity application that is licensed to corporations, health insurance companies and other large organizations with specific healthcare concerns. We fill an empty niche in the crowded online health space by offering direct access to a variety of innovative complimentary and preventative health treatments that people can use at work, at home or on the road to decrease healthcare costs, improve productivity, increase employee retention and promote health and happiness in the workplace. DesktopSpa is designed to make health and wellness a regular part of an individualís daily routine and is aimed at combating corporate Americaís most costly workplace health issues.

At the core of DesktopSpa is a database of unique one to five-minute audio and video programs developed by a carefully chosen group of internationally renowned complementary health practitioners. The product also includes patent-pending technology that enables individual users to customize DesktopSpa based on their own personal health issues.

Imagine, for example, someone who works at a computer all day and suffers from wrist and hand pain, headaches and a lack of energy and focus in the late afternoon. DesktopSpa may offer this person a program of yoga, acupressure and guided imagery meditation exercises built around his or her work-day schedule. These Daily Desktop Treatments, as we call them, are digitally streamed and delivered directly to her personal computer or mobile device.